Keynote Speaking

Therese Marie is regularly called upon by a diverse array of groups to speak on topics related to leadership and  career development and recovery.

Topics Therese is called upon to talk about include:

  • How Who I Am Impacts What I Do
  • Work-Life Balance or Work-Life Integration?
  • From Me to We…How can there be an “I” in team?
  • Achieving and Maintaining Balance…Is it Possible?
  • Balance & Self-Care…How Important is it?
  • Addiction & Codependency In the Workplace
  • How Equipped are You to Address Addiction in the C-Suite?
  • You Have to be Healthy to Help others: A Workshop for Helping Professionals


Therese’s book, “Yes! You Can Land a Job Even in a Crummy Economy,” is often the basis for workshops that inspire people to take action and take control of their job search, however, workshops can be tailored to meet the objectives of a particular group or organization.