Coaching for Leaders & Teams

Individual Leadership Coaching

Typically, individual leaders seek out a coach if they are navigating a significant transition in their life (or career) or have an idea that their leadership style (or behavior) might be holding them back. These clients find themselves somewhere between where they’ve been and where they want to be.

Therese Marie with ClientMany of Therese Marie’s clients are professionals in the middle part of their lives who begin to turn the attention that was previously faced outward (on career, family, finances, etc) toward internal issues of what’s important? These professionals are in an unfamiliar (and, oftentimes, vulnerable) spot… knowing that change is imminent, but unclear on what change needs to be made, when and how.

Clients will choose to be coached if they discover that there is a gap between their current reality and the vision they have for their life or their career. Further, they will commit to the coaching process if they have an awareness that something (usually some pattern of behavior) is getting in the way of their success and are willing to address it.

Leadership Coaching offers an individual a safe space to let “what’s important” emerge. This process leads the client to consider the possibilities of a new perspective, making room for her/him to explore plans of action, and preview the potential outcomes toward the right action.

“Therese is fantastic at getting you to consider things that you simply won’t think of yourself. She helped me “get out of my own way.”  Chief Information Officer – University  (Ft. Worth, TX)

“There’s no one really to talk to (within my company) who understands my situation, and you were able to help me see the things that I was overlooking. It was a calm steadying force that helped me go with the flow and deal with things as they’d come up…directing force but also a good sounding board for me.”  Owner – Printing & Reproductions Company (Los Angeles, CA)

Leadership Team Coaching

Companies seek out a coach when they need to shift the corporate culture or when a group could be holding itself back from working well together.

seminarAn organization most likely to hire a coach or most likely to initiate a coaching culture is one led by an executive who values continuous improvement and professional development for his/herself AND the company’s staff. For a coaching program to be effective, it must be embraced by the highest ranking individual.

Therese Marie works with leadership teams who want to enhance their overall effectiveness.  These group activities take place when executives leave or join the team changing the group’s culture, and are often a part of an ongoing coaching program.  Using the DiSC behavioral model as the foundation, Therese facilitates exercises and discussions so members can become more aware of how to interact more effectively.

“Before coaching, I was unaware of my own behavior and how it was different than others and how it affected others. (As a result of coaching)  there was better communication and an acceptance of the differences among all of us.  We learned how to work together.  Ultimately, if you use the tools and knowledge you’ll have a more effective/more efficient work environment and staff.   It pays for itself.  What’s the ROI?  It’s hard to measure tangibly.  But anyone with a business sense has a finger on the pulse of their staff knows where the inefficiencies lie with their staff.  They would see pretty quickly the efficiency in their staff rise.  They would see it in their bottom line.”  Owner – Independent Accounting Firm  (Petoskey, MI)

“Having a forum to openly discuss issues was invaluable.  We have a great leadership team but even great teams are not on the same page ALL of the time.  Taking time to re-connect as an executive leadership team is time well spent.” VP – Non-Profit  (Saginaw, MI)

“Coaching made me think more macro – bigger than just me and my department. I knew I had a safe sounding board who knew the other players. It was safe to say whatever I wanted to say – and there was a non judgmental voice – who could give me something else to think about.”  Social Services Director – Rehabilitation Center (Detroit, MI)

Executive Career Coaching

Career coaching is for the leader or professional who wants to transition smoothly.  That can mean successfully onboarding into a new position, advancing within your field, or creating a new career altogether. Regardless of why you are in transition, the process allows you to focus your attention on moving forward in a conscious, purposeful manner.

The career coaching process involves:

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  • Enhancing your emotional intelligence through assessment
  • Exploring your core values
  • Developing your Life Vision
  • Completing a 360 Career SWOT Analysis
  • Designing your ideal career or position
  • Developing an effective job search plan
  • Building effective job search strategies, tactics and skills

“When I made the decision to partner with Therese as my coach, I was in between jobs and thought hiring a coach would help me find a job.  What I found, was much more than just a job.  Therese focused on in-depth discovery to help me develop a life vision.  Through this process, I determined what was truly important to me not just in work but in life.  The position I accepted kept me true to my life vision of integrity, compassion and faith. Now, not only am I personally fulfilled by my job, but I have balance in my life for the first time in years.”   Sales Executive – Long Term Care Corporation (Auburn Hills, MI)

“You really helped me take an honest look at my strengths and weaknesses and provided the courage to challenge myself, achieve my goals and overcome some of the obstacles in my life, whether they were real or perceived.  Coaching helped provide direction and guidance, and you were always encouraging, positive and supportive while always challenging and motivating me.”  Administrator – Commercial Construction Co. (Detroit, MI)