Meet Therese

The best way to describe who I am is to share my life’s vision:

It’s a vision of all people enjoying healthy relationships based on integrity, trust and open communications.  It’s a world that values continuous personal development, creativity, and a strong spiritual connection while recognizing that prosperity, abundance and inner harmony come from helping others reach their greatest potential.

Meet Therese – A Video Introduction

How Aware of YOU are You?

I have been a coach (officially) since 2004, but my coaching practice has really blossomed in the last four years. I landed in coaching after asking myself the mid-life question, “What do I want the second half of my life to look like?” The first half was great! I experienced lots of success in the world of recruiting and HR – was an award-winning account executive with a global recruiting firm, owned my own boutique recruiting firm.  I had all the things that label a person a success:  lots of money, a fully updated house in a nice neighborhood, a cottage on a prestigious lake. I drove a luxury automobile, wore designer clothes and jewelry, and enjoyed expensive hobbies and exotic vacations.

But despite my outward “success,” I had a general feeling of dissatisfaction. In working with a leadership coach, I began to uncover the reason for my uneasiness: I wasn’t living in harmony with my vision. I was doing what I was good at, but I wasn’t doing what I truly loved. Yes, I was helping people successfully transition from one job to another, but I had neither time nor energy to help people reach their full potential.

So, I made the decision to live true to my vision.

And that involved much more than changing my occupation. As I moved forward in my professional development, I became aware of other parts of my life that were “out of sync” with my life vision. In a word, my personal life was a mess.  I was in a marriage affected by addiction, so experiencing quality relationships based upon trust and open communications was impossible.  I had abandoned all spirituality and creativity as a result of my own alcoholism, so those core values were tossed to the side. Prosperity and abundance eluded me as I sank deeper and deeper into a debt caused by codependent enabling. And inner harmony was the last phrase that described my state. How could I continue to coach my clients when I wasn’t living up to my own full potential?

I began the work of becoming the best version of myself.  I became willing to change and embrace the very concepts I encourage clients to embrace.  I achieved sobriety, got busy on my emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development and started to live true to who I am.

Today, my experience of transition has proven valuable to clients.  It has equipped me to help them navigate transition more effectively.  In the words of my personal trainer, an award-winning body builder, “I help my clients avoid injury.”  I’ve been there, done that, so I can offer perspective that helps them avoid some of the pain and allay some of the fears that show up during times of transition.

Link to Therese Marie’s Chronological Resume